What We Offer



Just $1.25 a ticket and you get all of the following:

Custom Venue Pages

Tickets & Meaning

25¢ goes back to charity

Inventory Tracking

Mobile Responsiveness

Export All Data

Social Media Plugins

Google Map Integration

Direct Payments

Mobile Tickets

Ticketing Fee Control

Only $1.25 a ticket, you'll keep thousands in your pocket... go ahead and run the numbers!

No set up fees, no contracts, or cancellation fees!

Tickets & Meaning

Prime Seats gives back to the community one event at a time. For every ticket purchased, we donate $0.25 to local charities in Central Iowa.


See analytics from your events and venue ticket sales when you become a Prime Seats Promoter

Ticketing Fee Control

You get to set, markup, and keep any ticketing fee you charge on the ticketing page. 100% of that revenue goes to you!

Instant Funding

Cash flow is king, and with Prime Seats you get access to your funding instantly with daily payouts!